Frequently Asked Questions:



  1. How do I become a Nate’s Customer?
      • Sign up here on our website!
      • Call the office at (850) 769-4304
      • Come by the office located at 1151 E 15th St, Panama City, FL 32405
  2. How do I get a Nate’s cart?
      • New customers are automatically signed up to receive a Nate’s cart to begin service. Older customers can just call the office and we can deliver you a cart for a 1x cart fee of $35. Carts will be delivered within 7 days of ordering.  The cart fee is for the use, delivery, and maintenance of the cart. No additional monthly fees for usage. The cart remains the property of Nate’s Sanitation, and there is a $100 lost cart fee if you cancel and we cannot recover the cart.
  3. What areas does Nate’s service?
      • Nate’s services all unincorporated areas of Bay County, as well as Panama City Beach, Callaway, Parker, Southport, Youngstown, and Fountain. We cannot service residents within city limits of Panama City, Springfield, Lynn Haven, or Mexico Beach. If you aren’t sure, just call our office!
  4. When should I have my can out?
      • All customers should have their trash out by 6:00am on their pick up day. 
  5. Where should I place my trash can/cans?
      • Cans should be placed by the road at the end of your driveway. If another location is desired, please call the office so the driver can be instructed where to locate your trash can.
  6. What are the household garbage pick up guidelines?
      • Regular Service – (1) 96 gallon Nate’s can
      • Premium Service – (2) 96 gallon Nate’s cans for an additional $12.29 per month.
      • We only service our Nate’s cans unless prior arrangements are made. (see next section)
  7. What do I do if I have extra trash?
      • Please contact our office at (850) 769-4304 prior to your day of service, so we can notify the driver. There will be an additional charge for extra garbage and we require all special pick ups to be paid for in advance.
  8. Do you pick up yard debris?
      • Yes. Yard debris pick up is included for our 2x/week and Wednesday Only customers. One time (1x) a week customers will no longer have yard debris included with their regular trash service. Pick up days for yard debris is done on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If you are a one time (1x) a week customer just call the office for pricing and to schedule your yard debris pick up.
  9. What are the yard debris pick up guidelines?
      • We will pick up EITHER 5 bags, 2 small cans of yard debris (not filled past the top of the can), or 1 neat pile the size of a bathtub.
      • Acceptable yard debris: grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, sticks (4ft or shorter), small shrubs, and palm fronds.
      • Unacceptable debris: dirt/sand, rocks, lumber, concrete, pallets, brick, brick pavers, and other construction materials.
  10. What items are prohibited from pick up?
      • Residential service is for pick up of household garbage only. We will not pick up wet paint, tires, construction materials, roofing, concrete, mattresses, large furniture, gym equipment, or large appliances. These items require a special pick up which can be scheduled and priced by calling our office.
  11. How do the holidays affect my pick up schedule?
      • Nate’s only closes for 2 holidays each year: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. All pick up days following the holiday are delayed by one day. For example, if you are normally picked up on a Friday, you will be picked up on Saturday. We realize there will be extra garbage following the holiday and we plan for it.
  12. How can I pay my bill?
      • We Have multiple payment options!
      • Online using your 12 digit web account number with a check or credit/debit card.
      • Over the phone with a check or credit/debit cart.
      • In person at our office using cash, check or credit/debit. (If paying by check please include your account number on your check.)
  13. When are bills sent?
      • If you sign up online you are automatically signed up for email billing.  Bills are emailed out at least 2 weeks prior to the due date. If you would like to opt out of email billing contact the office and we can have your bill mailed to you.
      • Postcard bills are mailed at least 2 weeks prior to the due date. Since these postcards are sent via the U.S. Postal Service we have no control whether you will receive these postcards. If you feel your bill has been lost, please contact the office to have a replacement issued by email. Payment is still due by the 1st day of the month.
  14. What are your billing policies?
      • Monthly charges are due on the 1st day of each month. For our quarterly billed customers, the bill is due by the 1st day of the new quarter. Accounts are considered past due after the 15th of the month at which they can have service suspended and incur a late fee. If for some reason you need to cancel within the first 90 days of signing up there is a $10 Early Termination Fee. 
          • If your account is not paid by the 15th of the month, it could be suspended with a $5 late fee assessed on all residential accounts or 10% on all commercial accounts. No trash will be picked up until your account is paid in full. There are NO refunds for days of service while your account is suspended. We intend to pick up the extra garbage once the account is paid in full. The extra garbage however may have to be picked up over a period of time.
          • If your account is not paid for 30 days or more from the due date, it can be cancelled. To restart your service the past due balance and restart fee will be added.
          • We do our best to attempt to contact all customers when their service is scheduled to be cancelled for non-payment. This is only a courtesy, and we cannot guarantee that all delinquent customers will be contacted. Having your current contact information on file such as phone numbers, mailing address, and email addresses helps us greatly to contact you.